BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY is an opportunity for your church to enter a season of teaching and answering this question for your congregation and community. Dr. James Dobson takes us on a journey of the legacy that was set before him and gives us some great insight on what is most important in leaving our own legacy. Is it a name, a fortune, a business? Or is it faith in Jesus Christ?

Start the journey and join thousands of others around the world in watching ‘Your Legacy’ October 1-5, 2014. The Simulcast launches you on the journey into seven other films, Bible studies, and books which will enrich your church, help to build stronger families, and ultimately help your families build a solid legacy.

The other films are Bringing Up Boys, Bringing Up Girls, The Strong-Willed Child, Dare to Discipline, Straight Talk to Men, Love For a Lifetime, and Wanting to Believe.

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Building a Family Legacy Library


Dr. James Dobson and Ryan Dobson bring you a comprehensive collection of resources full of parenting strategies, healthy family dynamics, and Scripture to help guide you and your family. It includes the individual Bible studies, original books, and films for the titles: Bringing Up Boys, Bringing Up Girls, The Strong-Willed Child, Dare to Discipline, Straight Talk to Men, Your Legacy, Love for a Lifetime, and Wanting to Believe.

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Family Talk

Though the message of building a legacy is infinitely important, there’s no doubt that the journey can be difficult. Sometimes you need help, some encouragement, a thought, a letter, a video. That’s exactly why, in 2010, Dr. James Dobson started Family Talk—a ministry dedicated to free resources, broadcasts, social media, mobile apps and real-time customer support.

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